The Reunion Video Footage for EACH year that I shot will be on a link on the MAIN  page & the UPDATE page..for ALL to enjoy.......I have concluded that this FIRST video of our combined history, will NEVER be replaced.. If you do NOT want to view it again....JUST CLICK ON STOP MOVIE & GO TO WEBSITE!

Family; please be aware, My completed Website RE-Build, has resulted in a much larger, inclusive Family Website, than the previous site.

This new website is VERY text & graphics (photo) and Audio/Video heavy!....Some of you may experience slow browser (non DSL or HScable/HSSat)  loading times when you FIRST view the site. However, As in the past, once you have the site loaded to view it, (right click on the page) to SAVE to your DESKTOP (recommended) or (right click) to BOOKMARK/SAVE to your  Favorites folder. Once you have done this, the website will pop up much faster the next time, and besides, you won't have to go on the internet to keyword/hunt for it again!.... ALSO, This website is NOW a registered user on YOU TUBE, TWITTER and MY SPACE, which allows this website to interact/cross link  with these very popular apps.

Any Family member who has created personal profile pages or have personal OR reunion related videos  or photo albums/slide shows posted on these sites, and YOU WISH to share your creativity with the entire Family, you NOW can do so from our website! Just HOOK ME UP!  If you have thought about doing any of this, NOW is the time to get cracking on it. I plan on using my video camcorder to capture everything I can during the up coming 35th. reunion, and will post it, as well as anybody else, who shoots their own video footage, and place on the website..So lets make use of that pricey camera you brought and seldom use, (if you still remember where you stashed it) LOL.